Brianna is the absolute BEST! She is responsive, knowledgeable and truly cares about you and your dog. My dog Lily was struggling to pass other dogs on walks. She was overexcited and anxious which led to a lot of leash frustration. Brianna took the time to really get to know Lily and get down to the root of that reactivity so that she could make a training plan. Brianna is encouraging, supportive and honest about what I need to do in order to address this and be a better owner for Lily! She really helps you better understand your dog and is a lifelong support. She consistently checks in on progress and makes changes if things aren't working. Lily has made SO much progress! Lily LOVES going to Brianna's for boarding too--it's her home away from home and I love being able to send her there where I know she is loved and having a great time with Brianna's pack. If you want someone who truly goes above and beyond, then you have found the right person!


Nika K.

 I reached out to Brianna back in October after my oldest pup (1.5 y/o) got into a fight with my dog sitters dog. The fight was severe enough that the dog sitter did not want to continue watching my dogs. I researched several trainers but something about them was off whether it was there energy, knowledge, wanting a LOT of money upfront before even meeting us.


A little background: I have 2 pups. My oldest started to show signs of possession and food bowl aggression when another dog was around. There is a 9 month difference between my pups. I was afraid that once my little one started to get older it would lead to a severe fight, since that was the path things were going. I have had dogs in the past and wouldn’t consider myself aloof to dog psychology, so I was at a loss at what else I could do to ensure my dogs and house were happy and balanced.


Brianna came in with PATIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, a PHENOMENAL POSITIVE ATTITUDE & KINDNESS. She was able to pick apart the situation instantaneously. Through her help, and I still reach out to her to this day (SHE NEVER EVER LEFTS A CALL OR TEXT GO UNANSWERED) I feel like I understand my dogs so much better. She has taught me to become more patient and go with the flow with my pups.


I can not recommend her enough! Every single person who I have recommended her to has been blown away! She is the real deal! Trust me since I met several want to be trainers in the past! You won’t regret hiring her!! She stands behind her work! Is accessible at all times (a little too accessible 😝, girl needs a break)!! Truly loves and cares about her clients both human and fur babies!

Wheaten Terrier Pack leader help

Andrew C.

What can I say about Brianna and Sadie that isn't positive? We went through a few trainers and found out about Brianna by luck. We took a chance and hired her and she has been nothing but amazing. She took the time to understand Brighton's behavior and that her high energy is the main cause of her chewing of our walls, her excitement around the kids, and her excitement around us.
She also put a ton of onus on us the owners to make sure we follow her recommendations and if we did, Brighton would even more wonderful than she already is. After a few in-home sessions, our busy lives of work and kids, we decided to do a board and train. In two short weeks, Brighton came back a more obedient dog and we got a clear understanding on what we needed to do to keep all the hard work in play.
Brianna and Sadie have become not only our trainers but friends too. We enjoy their company and we are always trying to promote them the best we can.
If you are looking for a trainer who knows her stuff but also will expect you the owner to keep your end of deal, then hire Pack Leader Help and you will have a wonderful dog who will listen to you but also love your company for a happy owner/dog relationship.

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Jennifer H.

If you love your dog, but are endlessly frustrated with your inability to control your dog's behavior, then go see Brianna Dick. If you study and read about dog training, but just can't seem to make the techniques work, see Brianna Dick for that too. We have been through five trainers over the years ranging from in-home visits to long-term boarding. None of them were successful since they either did not know what they were doing, only addressed symptoms, did not teach the humans, or were lousy business people with no communication skills. Our dogs always act so well for the trainers, but we could never replicate their control. Brianna focuses as much on the humans as she does on the dogs, maybe more. I have never had a trainer so professional or so personally focused on the dogs' owners. She is non-judgmental, patient, kind, and decisive. Brianna's group sessions are well-organized and her communication is detailed and clear. We have never had a dog-trainer who was so good at every aspect of the profession. Brianna Dick is the real deal.



I am so grateful for Bri and team and thankful we reached out for help! It has made the world of a difference for us!

We have two 7 year old dogs, with 2 completely different personalities and needs.


Our main concerns is we wanted guests over our home without worries or concerns. One dog was super anxious and lots of energy and the other was super cautious with strangers and “guard dog” mode all the time. She came to our home and As soon as Bri walked in she immediately picked up what the issue was. She is so knowledgeable and you can tell she is truly passionate about what she does!


She gave us tools and tips on how to provide structure for our dogs to meet their needs, but most importantly shared with us the WHY and mindset behind it.

Its been a few months since our last session and shes always on hand for support or feedback or any questions we have, and the results with their behavior “issues” that we thought they had, have done an almost 180 degrees (most importantly we know how to keep practicing with them what bre taught us).

Thank you PackLeaderHelp!!!!!!


Rebecca G.

First, I cannot emphasize enough how high energy and even higher anxiety my dog is. I could not take my dog, Molly, for a walk without her completely going nuts if she saw another dog on a leash. Brianna is a miracle worker. She boarded and trained Molly for 13 days and worked with her to build her confidence. The various tools she used included training in tandem with her own dog, Iris, treadmill training, and lots of confidence building. Every day Bri sent my fiance and I video updates on Molly's status and progress with explanations of Molly's psychology and the thought process behind the training techniques employed. When we picked Molly up, Bri gave us a summary of her stay and a bunch of useful pointers that we have been using to be better pack leaders for Molly. I strongly recommend Pack Leader Help for any training needs!!