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Brianna Dick: J.D., Dog Behavior Expert, Owner and Trainer

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With a decade of experience specializing in severe behavioral issues in dogs, Brianna Dick is the go-to behavior expert recommended by veterinarians and trainers for cases involving aggression, severe anxiety, fear, separation anxiety, over-excitement, and more.


Starting as a dog walker in high school and later becoming an obedience trainer for her local humane league, Brianna transitioned to a focus on dog psychology, recognizing its effectiveness in rehabilitating and training dogs with behavioral challenges.


During her time at university, she worked with a local shelter for four years, fostering and rehabilitating dogs with diverse behavioral issues. Brianna's extensive knowledge, gained through studying dog behavior and psychology, mentoring under renowned behaviorists, and observing natural dog interactions, has shaped her comprehensive program.


Now serving the D.C, Maryland, and Virginia region, Brianna prioritizes clear communication and relationship building in her approach. Holding a Juris Doctorate and a Bachelor's in Business Administration, she is also a Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

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It's impossible to rehabilitate other dogs without having balanced dogs to teach them. Pack Leader Help wouldn't be able to rehabilitate as many dogs as we do without our balanced pack member, Iris. She's a trained emotional support animal and she is trained to provide support to humans and dogs showing signs of discomfort. She loves dogs and people but most importantly, she loves her ball.

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