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Brianna Dick: Dog Behavior Expert, Trainer and Owner

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Brianna Dick: Dog Behavior Expert, Owner and Trainer

Brianna Dick has been working with dogs with severe behavioral issues for the past 10 years. She is the behavior expert that veterinarians and other trainers recommend when their client's dogs have been recommended to be put down, or on medication.  She work's with aggression issues, puppies, severe anxiety, fear, separation anxiety, over excitement, and any behavioral issue in between. 

She began her career by walking dogs in high school and from there became an obedience trainer for her local humane league.  Unfortunately, she soon recognized that dog obedience was failing dogs and owners, but dog psychology opened the door to understanding how to rehabilitate and train dog with behavioral issues.


After transferring to Clarion University, she worked with a local shelter for the next 4 years helping to foster, rehabilitate and train dogs with a spectrum of behavioral issues. Through the study dog behavior & psychology, mentoring under world renowned dog behaviorists and learning how dogs interact with one another in a natural setting, she has designed a program with almost endless techniques and tools to help any owner, any dog in any environment. Her approach is centered on clear communication and relationship building.

She now rehabilitates dogs and trains owners in the D.C, Maryland and Virginia region. Brianna completed her Juris Doctorate in May 2021., holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a focus in small business and is a Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. 

Iris: The Balanced Dog

It's impossible to rehabilitate other dogs without having balanced dogs to teach them. Pack Leader Help wouldn't be able to rehabilitate as many dogs as we do without our balanced pack member, Iris. She's a trained emotional support animal and she is trained to provide support to humans and dogs showing signs of discomfort. She loves dogs and people but most importantly, she loves her ball.

Boxer puppy Brianna Dick
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