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After you've had a consultation and training session,  your pup is eligible for day training with us. You can also use day training as an evaluation to find ways to help your dog even more!

What to Expect:

Day training includes 8 hours of anything owner and dog need to improve upon. This option is 100% tailored to you and your dog. If you feel you need some extra assistance in getting your dog to listen to commands, understand their reactivity, go in a crate or basic e-collar training, day training will be a great option for you.


You drop your dog off at 10am and pick them up at 6pm. 


You will receive video homework of what we went over with your dog with explanations as we work with them. This way, the results can translate to you in your home environment. It's imperative that owners get the education along with their dogs.

Day-Training can Include but is not limited to:

  • Behavior Evaluation

  • Crate Training

  • Basic Obedience including place work, down-stays and recall

  • Introduction to off leash E-collar Training

  • Structured Socialization

  • Information finding for Reactivity and Exposure

  • Leash Manners

  • Muzzle Conditioning (not for human aggressive dogs)

  • Social Outings

  • We DO NOT take any human aggression cases for day training

Please note: You are NOT ELIGIBLE for day training until you have had a consultation and training session. If you're interested in day training you'll need to fill out a new client form HERE and set up a consultation and training FIRST. 

Video homework

We take videos throughout the day to show owners the entire process of what we did, why we did it and how to create that in your own home.

Tailored Training

We carve out our entire day to helping your specific dog and their needs. Nothing cookie-cutter about this training!


$250 per day

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