Try a Virtual session now!

Virtual Rehabilitation & Training Session - $90 for 75 Minutes

Are you out of the state, country or just can't leave the house? No problem! PLH can help you and your pup anywhere. We've designed our virtual training to meet our clients, and their dogs, rehabilitation & training needs. 


What to Expect:

It will begin with an initial 75 minute consultation and training session to asses any behavioral problems, educate and show owners with hands-on training how to tackle them and then create a program designed for owner and dog. After our session you get follow up video, reading and/or podcast homework so you're not left confused on your next steps to helping your pup.


​Our approach focuses on training the owner in dog psychology and finding a rehabilitation plan that will work for the owners energy and capabilities. We see such lasting and effective results because we focus on making sure the owner feels confident in their ability to effectively communication with their dog. Whatever the issue is, we will help you create the dog you've always dreamed of. 

In-Home Guidance

Most behavioral issues start in the home. With virtual sessions, we help you work through your dogs behavioral issues where they begin.

Video homework

We make sure our follow-up homework is specific to your and your dog. We provide video, reading and podcast homework to help you remotely.

Tailored Training

We make assessments and homework designed specifically for you and your dogs needs. Nothing cookie-cutter about this training!