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"Not just talk therapy dog training, they show you exactly what to do with your dog"


  1. Understand that I am required to exercise my dog mentally and physically every day (depending on age and energy level of my dog)

  2. The ENTIRE FAMILY is 100% on board with the training. Inconsistency will lead to wasting time and money and we can't convince family members to care for a living creature

  3. Understand although we use LIMA we are balanced trainers

  4. Understand that most owners need to CRATE their dogs and this is a necessity especiallyfor owners who don't already crate their dog who is struggling with behaviors.

  5.  Multi dog households must train together. You cannot compartmentalize the dogs in the home. We train all humans and all dogs in the home together.


Step 1: Click on SIGN UP NOW above or below and check out our and FAQ

Step 2: Fill out the form and you will receive an email from us with next steps and availability

Step 3: Choose a time and then you're confirmed!


$100 per hour



Brianna’s knowledge, both virtual sessions and free content she provides has been life changing. I found Pack Leader Help after many failed sessions with other trainers for my human and dog aggressive dog. After that dog passed, I was able to to apply my foundational knowledge to the newest member of my family. She helped me work through my own insecurities with dog behavior, and overall has made me love working and training my pup. I recommended her to every dog owner out there!


During quarantine, I adopted an 8-month-old Doberman puppy and quickly realized she was unlike my previous Dobies: much more skittish, lacking confidence, and seemingly reactive to all things new. I found Brianna on an Instagram live chat with another trainer, and everything she shared resonated with me. I immediately began digging into her robust free content on IG and YouTube, realized I needed to improve my communication with my dog, and started seeing quick improvements. But I was stuck in a few areas, so I was thrilled to learn that she offered virtual coaching sessions. My dog immediately responded to Brianna’s recommendations, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with her support! Even if you aren’t local to the DMV, you won’t go wrong if you engage Pack Leader Help

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What our training sessions look like:

It will begin with us discussing what the relationship looks like in the home, what day to day looks like in order to assess any behavioral problems. We then work on educating and showing  owners with hands-on training how to tackle them and then create a program designed for owner and dog. We ensure we can work the behavioral issues in a realistic setting and realistic way to get to the root of the problem and make sure owners have the tools to understand and change their dogs behavior. We then typically do a follow-up 1 hour session a week or so later to adjust our training plan as needed.


After each session, owners receive a summary of what we discussed and then video homework tailored to their dog. 

Video homework

We send video, podcast and reading homework to clients to make sure they're not left in the dark after each session.

Tailored Training

We provide specific video homework to you and your dog. There's nothing cookie cutter about our approach because every dog and owner are different!

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