Virtual Learning from Anywhere!

Whether you're across the globe or across the street, we offer virtual sessions for clients so we can still tackle behavioral issues in home. We have clients from all across the country and North and South America.  Our virtual program involves hands-on exercises through the session and is not just "talk" training. We ensure we can work the behavioral issues in a realistic setting and realistic way to get to the root of the problem and make sure owners have the tools to understand and change their dogs behavior. After each session you're met with follow-up video homework tailored to you and your dog.


Dog Behavior Training Sessions:

 It will begin with us discussing what the relationship looks like in the home, what day to day looks like in order to assess any behavioral problems. We then work on educating and showing  owners with hands-on training how to tackle them and then create a program designed for owner and dog. We then typically do a follow-up 1 hour session a week or so later to adjust our training plan as needed.


After each session, owners receive a summary of what we discussed and then video homework tailored to their dog. 

Requirements to Work With Us:

  •  Understanding that I am required to walk my dog 1 hour per day (depending on age and energy level of my dog)

  • The ENTIRE FAMILY is 100% on board with the training. Inconsistency will lead to wasting time and money and we can't convince family members to care for a living creature

  • Understanding that the relationship I have with my dog is what will make or break my dogs behavior and that dog "training" is not something I do a for few minutes a day. It is how I live with my dog, a culmination of our daily interactions


Sign up Process:

Step 1 - Click on Set up a Session below

Step 2 - Fill out the form and you will receive an email and text from us with next steps and availability

Step 3 Choose a time and then you're confirmed!

Video homework

We send video, podcast and reading homework to clients to make sure they're not left in the dark after each session.

Tailored Training

We carve out our entire day to helping your specific dog and their needs. Nothing cookie-cutter about this training!