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The Last Training Program You'll Ever Need

in Your home environment

life-long support

Tailored training for your specific dog and goals

free group classes for life

Behaviors we address

(but are not limited to):

Puppy Training

Dog Aggression

Human Aggression

Fear Aggression



Anxiety/ Fearfulness or Severe Nervousness

Blind or Deaf Dogs

Separation Anxiety 

Animal Integration


Through this program, your dog will receive the benefits of a traditional board & train program while staying in the comfort of your own home. Instead of dropping your dog off in a brand new environment, our trainers will come to your home for 3-5 weeks to provide your dogs with daily training sessions.


This can also include sessions your trainers home for socialization and other public areas to work on your dogs specific behavior. We handle every behavioral issue including human and dog aggression and we also have a puppy prevention program to help give puppies the solid foundation for a happy life. 

We have found over the last 10 years that traditional board & train programs leave owners without the tools necessary for long term success and leave dogs confused when they leave our structured environment and go back home to all the same bad habits, that's why we've created our Immersion Program. This has led to better long-term results because the owner is the one in control of changing their dogs behavior. No more reverting after a failed board & train.

This program looks like:

  • Sessions at your home split up over 4-5 weeks 

  • Sessions at public places, other family environments, place of your choosing

  • 1st Week- 3 sessions

  • 2nd Week- 2 Sessions

  • 3rd Week- 3 Sessions

  • 4th Week- 2 Sessions



Step 1: Click on SIGN UP NOW above or below and check out our Service Area on our FAQ

Step 2: Fill out the form and you will receive an email and text from us with next steps and availability

Step 3: Choose a time and then you're confirmed!


  1. Understand that I am required to exercise my dog mentally and physically every day (depending on age and energy level of my dog)

  2. The ENTIRE FAMILY is 100% on board with the training. Inconsistency will lead to wasting time and money and we can't convince family members to care for a living creature

  3. Understand although we use LIMA we are balanced trainers

  4.  Multi dog households must train together. You cannot compartmentalize the dogs in the home. We train all humans and all dogs in the home together.


Area's serviced for Immersion:

  • Alexandria

  • Springfield

  • Lorton

  • Annandale

  • Falls Church

  • Arlington

  • Parts of Fairfax

For those not in this service area, we recommend you reach out as we offer sessions at our trainer's home in Alexandria and #1 Rated Hands-on Virtual lessons.


$2,799 for the entire program 

This includes unlimited group class for life and lifetime support

$500 deposit is due at the time of dates chosen

Need a Payment Plan?

Let us know during sign up so we can help!

Jea, MD

I highly recommend PLH. Brianna, specifically, has been incredibly instrumental in the growth of my rescue pup and in our ability to gain and maintain a peaceful environment with multiple pets. Our rescue pup was challenging, Brianna taught me how to use specific tools, geared toward my dogs behaviors, to help my pup become a more obedient and enjoyable girl. You must adhere to the lessons in order to achieve the effect you desire, Brianna will teach you how. She remains available for questions, she accepts you into her community which meets several times a month for group sessions. PLH is the best, Brianna is the best, you won’t be disappointed. A valuable resource for those who want their pets to have a safe and happy life. Many thanks!

Erin, VA

We just completed our third session with Brianna, and she is the BEST! We came to Pack Leader Help after a TERRIBLE training experience which made our dog's aggression worse, and by the second session our dog was able to relax with her in the house and we're learning tools to help fix the damage that was done. We feel confident she's guiding us on a path to having a non-reactive dog and can't wait to continue our sessions with her!

Stephanie, VA

Brianna is not only the best dog trainer in the DMV area, she is also an incredible communicator and wonderful support for dog owners on their training journeys. If you're simply looking for a trainer to teach your dog obedience, you should up your standards and then hire Brianna. Brianna and PLH offer SO much more than obedience, they help you build a strong foundation for communication with your dog! Bri has given us SO much insight into dog/human communication (via both our training sessions AND her fantastic podcast and social channels), where it breaks down, and how to best repair and strengthen our relationship with our pup. When we felt we were at our wits end with an issue with our dog, Archer, she provided support and understanding, and then creative ideas that actually worked. The PLH group classes are an amazing resource for us to put into practice what we've learned, and get the reps that we as handlers and our pup need to continue to build our confidence! We can't recommend Brianna enough and will shout her from the rooftops for all dog owners!

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