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in Your home environment

life-long support

Tailored training for your specific dog and goals

free group classes for life

​Whether your dog has more moderate to severe behavioral needs, or you are looking to build a solid foundation of positive behavior in your dog, this intensive, one-on-one in-home program will help you reconnect and reestablish your relationship and foster positive behavior.


Through this program, your dog will receive the benefits of a traditional board & train program while staying in the comfort of your own home. Instead of dropping your dog off in a brand new environment, our trainers will come to your home for 3-4 weeks to provide your dogs with daily training sessions This can also include sessions your trainers home for socialization and other public areas to work on your dogs specific behavior. We handle every behavioral issue including human and dog aggression and we also have a puppy prevention program to help give puppies the solid foundation for a happy life. 

We have found over the last 10 years that traditional board & train programs leave owners without the tools necessary for long term success and leave dogs confused when they leave our structured environment and go back home to all the same bad habits, that's why we've created our Immersion Program. This has led to better long-term results because the owner is the one in control of changing their dogs behavior. No more reverting after a failed board & train.

This program looks like:

  • Sessions at your home split up over 3-4 weeks 

  • Sessions at public places, other family environments, place of your choosing

  • 1st Week- 3 sessions

  • 2nd Week - 4 Sessions

  • 3 Week- 3 Sessions


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