What type of training do you offer?

We primarily offer in-home rehabilitation & training which occurs in your home environment. 

 We also offer virtual training, day training and board & trains with more details found here - https://www.packleaderhelp.com/services


How do I set up training

a. For In-home training sessions please go to this page- https://www.packleaderhelp.com/rehabilitation-and-training

 Click on "Set Up a Session" to fill out a new client form and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days with available times.


Do you work with all ages, breeds, sizes and temperaments, including fear and aggression?

Yes and yes. We work with any behavioral issue and any new puppy owner trying to build a solid foundation and relationship. We empower owners with the tools and knowledge to create the well behaved and happy dog they've always wanted. We focus on dog psychology and behavior, which incorporates obedience but obedience is not our primary focus.


Do you have recommend products? Where do I get the slip lead we used?

Yes! Please head to https://www.packleaderhelp.com/training-tools


I have tried other trainers before and didn't get any long term results- what makes your program different?

Most of our clients and their dogs have been to other trainers. In fact, we are often the last hope for owners and their dogs. Unlike other training approaches that only focus on the dog’s physical state via bribery using food/treats and verbal commands, we focus on the human-dog relationship and work to change the dog’s state of mind – how they view the world. State of mind dictates behavior and when we focus on teaching the owners to lead fairly, that's when we see happy and well behaved dogs.


What is your service area?

Here is a MAP of our service area. This is not EXACT and we will likely be able to service your area in-home, please shoot us an email with any questions.


A. What is your pricing and how does payment work?

Head to our PRICING page for more info. 

B. What is the CANCELATION policy? 

72 hour cancellation policy from your scheduled session date and time. We take this seriously and if you have to cancel for any reason within 72 hours you will be charged 50% of the session.


Do you have recommendations for a BOARDING facility or someone who offers boarding


1. Fetch! Alexandria 

2. Contacting a Rover boarder and interviewing them

3. All Friends Pet Care 

4. Patrick's Pet Care (D.C) 

5. Frey's Fundamentals