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Dog Training & Behavior Videos

These videos include how to use specific tools, how to crate train, how to reach recall and place, what a walk should look like and behavior expectation drills.


Dog Behavior Explanation Videos

Learn to understand your dog better. WHY is your dog aggressive? How do you get them to understand not to do certain behaviors. This video playlist dives deep into dog behavior and psychology with the world's best dog behavior experts.


Consider The Dog has a compilation of instructional and training videos from some of the world's best dog behavior experts, trainers and behaviorists. There are free videos on the website but you get unlimited videos for a membership fee.

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E-Collar Training Videos

E-collars can be a humane and amazing tool for working with any dog, especially with off leash work. Even if you don't plan on using one with your dog, it's important to understand how to safely and humanely use these tools These videos give in depth explanations of how to use e-collars properly. The possibilities are endless!


Puppy Training & Behavior Videos

Learn how to properly raise a calm and balanced dog. These videos break down almost everything you need to learn how to train and work with your puppy from the day you bring them home. 


Podcasts on Dog Training and Behavior

  1. All Dogs are Good Dogs by Brianna Dick

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