Our Philosophy: Dog Psychology Before Dog Training

Do you wish you could walk your dog without them pulling? Have you felt it's impossible for your dog to be around other dogs? Maybe you just got a puppy and want to give it a solid foundation?  Does it feel like your dog will always be anxious or afraid?  Has your dog bitten you, someone else or is aggressive towards other dogs or animals?


We can help you with ANY problem behavior but we only work with owners who are willing to put in the work in. If you're looking for a company that is going to train your dog and allow owners to relinquish responsibility, PLH is not for you. We empower owners and rehabilitate dogs.


Pack Leader Help gives owners the tools, knowledge and understanding to help create a calm, happy dog they never thought was possible. We understand that normal "Dog Training" isn't tailored to yours or your dogs specific lifestyle or behavior. Almost all of our clients have worked with other "dog trainers" where the training is focused on obedience by bribing the dog into certain physical position (sit, down, stay, heel, etc.) without any focus on the state of mind of the dog or more importantly, the owner. It's vital we, as owners, use dog psychology and not human psychology, to work with our dogs. Although obedience is a part of what we do, our calm and confident energy is our biggest tool when working with dogs and our hands-on approach is guaranteed to make your next walk stress-free and your home more peaceful.


Dog Behavior Training Sessions:

Our in-home rehabilitation and training program includes 1-2 hour sessions in your home, or place of your choosing, to show you how to tackle any behavioral issue.  It will begin with an initial 1 1/2 hour consultation and training session to asses any behavioral problems, educate and show owners with hands-on training how to tackle them and then create a program designed for owner and dog. After our session you get follow up video, reading and/or podcast homework so you're not left confused on your next steps to helping your pup


Requirements to Work With Us:

  •  Understanding that I am required to walk my dog 1 hour per day (depending on age and energy level of my dog)

  • The ENTIRE FAMILY is 100% on board with the training. Inconsistency will lead to wasting time and money and we can't convince family members to care for a living creature

  • Understanding that the relationship I have with my dog is what will make or break my dogs behavior and that dog "training" is not something I do a for few minutes a day. It is how I live with my dog, a culmination of our daily interactions


Sign up Process:

Step 1 - Click on Set up a Session below and check our Service Area

Step 2 - Fill out the form and you will receive an email from us with next steps and availability

Step 3 Choose a time and then you're confirmed!

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Problems we address but are not limited to:

  • Dog to Dog Aggression

  • Fear Aggression

  • Reactivity

  • Running Away

  • Toy or Food Possessiveness

  • Other Animal Aggressive

  • Anxiety or Fearfulness 

  • Separation Anxiety 

  • Jumping

  • Creating calm and balanced puppies  

  • Territorial Behavior

  • Destructive Home Behavior

  • Leash Lunging and Pulling

  • Excessive Barking

  • Over-Excitement & Hyperactivity

  • Crate Training