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You are only eligible for group classes after your 2nd session

Brianna has opened her home to a select few for a weekend of socialization and working on reactivity.  She has spent the past decade curating a process that helps build confidence, address problem behaviors and educate owners in practical ways. 


What we’ll cover: Whatever you and your dog need! This workshop is tailored for you and your dog and we’ll address whatever behavior comes up. General behavior we will cover includes leash skills, positive interrupters, how to social our dog, how to have structured and safe play and more!


Date: 6/3-6/4

Hours: 9-4pm

Location : 3401 Sunny View Dr Alexandria, VA 22309




Who is it for?

  • Owners who have dogs who struggle with socialization

  • Over excited dogs who struggle with impulse control

  • Dogs who have been aggressive in the past but are now working with a trainer 

  • Anti-social dogs who are nervous and scared around other dogs

  • Individuals who want to learn more about how to have safe and effective social interactions between dogs

This training workshop will be a 2 day event that I am offering to 6 Working spots (you work your own dog) AND to 6 Non-working spots!


Tickets are available now:

-Working spots are $400.

-Non-working spots are $75 per day or $100 for both days

  • Jun 03, 9:00 AM – Jun 04, 4:00 PM
    Alexandria, 3401 Sunny View Dr, Alexandria, VA 22309, USA
    Have you wondered how you can socialize your reactive dog? Learn how to help with aggression, reactivity and excitement around other dogs.
  • Jun 10, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Grist Mill Park, 4320 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22309, USA
    Join us for our Group classes and pack walks to have structured socialization with other dogs, work on reactivityJoin us for our Group classes and pack walks to have structured socialization with other dogs, work on reactivity, and practice keeping your dog calm around new people, dogs, and stimuli.
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