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These are not "must haves". This is a page to learn how to properly and SAFELY use these tools.

Dynamic Slip Lead 66" or (transitional slip lead)

This is a phenomenal training tool that can be used as a slip lead or over-the-face Halti/gentle leader tool.

sidekick slip lead

This comes with a plastic stopper and is another version of the slip lead.


Herm Sprenger Prong Collar 2.25

One of the most misunderstood but safest dog tools out there. Learn more about the scientific study of prongs HERE


Baskerville Muzzle

This is an open-mouth muzzle. A dog can wear this for long periods of time, can drink, pant and take treats with this on.


place bed

This is the type of raised bed trainers use to teach "place". The fact that it's raised helps dogs understand that this is a specific area for them to go and hangout calmly.


Starmark safe collar

Similar to the prong collar, this allows for pressure and release and eliminates the potential for choking.



This is remarkable tool that can help with separation anxiety. It's a remote treat dispenser!


Squirt bottle 


Gentle leader

Another version of the transitional slip lead but this clips to a leash


Easy-Walk Harness

Teach your dog a marker word "yes" with these awesome treats.

do not pet_edited.png

Do not pet vest

Advocate for your dog! 


Dog weight pack

This gives a dog a job on the walk, helps keeps them focused and can make a 30 minute walk into an an hour long walk

beefer liver_edited.png

freeze dried liver treats

Teach your dog a marker word "yes" with these awesome treats.

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