Real Rehabilitation. Lasting Results. Proper Owner Education.

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We've reconstructed our "board" and train program





This program is an intense 3 week program filled with daily training session at your home (we DO NOT BOARD YOUR DOG AT ANY POINT), at your trainers home for socialization and other public areas to work on your dogs specific behavior. We handle every behavioral issue including human and dog aggression and we also have a puppy prevention program to help give puppies the solid foundation for a happy life. 

We have found over the last 10 years that traditional board & train programs leave owners without the tools necessary for long term success and leave dogs confused when they leave our structured environment and go back home to all the same bad habits, that's why we've created B.O.A.R.D. and train (better owners and rehabilitated dogs). Our amazing colleagues DogFit Dallas, created a similar program that inspired ours. This had lead to better long-term results because the owner is the one in control of changing their dogs behavior and it builds confidence for the dog in their home environment, typically where they need it the most. No more reverting after a failed board & train.


Our techniques will lay the foundation for you to build upon but nothing will change about your dogs behavior in the home unless you do. We offer flexibility with out we build your program schedule. After an initial consultation to understand the relationship between owner and dog, and the extent of the behavioral issue, we will make a suggestion of how long the board and train should be. 

This program looks like:

  • Daily sessions at your home Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday 

  • Sessions at public places, other family environments, place of your choosing


  • 1st Week- 3 sessions

  • 2nd Week - 4 Sessions

  • 3 Week- 3 Sessions


what your dog can learn

  • A calm state of mind

  • Puppy foundations

  • How to be responsive and relaxed in various surroundings

  • Walking properly on a leash without pulling, barking, lunging, or reacting to dogs and/or distractions

  • Sit, Down,  Recall and Place command

  • Addressing negative behaviors – jumping up on people, jumping on counter-tops, mouthing, nipping, chasing, playing keep-away

  • Recall training (with and without distractions)

  • No Separation Anxiety

  • No Crate Reactions (barking, whining, etc.)

  • Building confidence 

  • Dog Aggression issues – attacking dogs, biting dogs, improper greeting and social skills

what you will learn

We are here to educate owners, not judge them.


You will learn:

  • How your relationship (interactions) with your dog is the sole influence on their  overall behavior  

  • Basic dog psychology, behavior and body language.  This puts the tools and knowledge into the owners hands, so they are self sufficient in creating an obedient dog

  • How to use dog training tools properly through the three step process of: Energy, Technique and then Tool

  • How to understand any type of behavioral issue your dog is facing or why it is occurring and how to address it