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Don't let your ego ruin your dog (life)

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

By Brianna Dick

How many times have you let pride get in the way of doing the right thing? Apologizing first? Letting go of something? Admitting you were wrong? Changing a career path?

I know pride is something I deal with every single day. I've let my pride keep a dog longer than a should have when I knew our energies didn't match but I really wanted to help the dog. Aka, my ego needed to have this win. My ego needed to know I could help and fix that dog. When in reality, I had done a great job but just didn't want to come with the terms that our energies were just not the best fit. I'm speaking from experience when I say, do your best to let your ego and pride go so the people and dogs around you can succeed.

Unfortunately, some owners let their ego ruin their dog.

  • Some owners got dogs with unrealistic expectations because of their energy level differences. The owner is usually low to medium level energy and the dog is medium to high level energy.

  • Some owners refuse to ask for help when they need to. When they finally get the help, they don't want to listen

  • Some owners feel guilty about re-homing a dog they know is a terrible fit for their environment but they like the look of the dog and they want to force it to work

  • Some owners refuse to go to therapy because their ego and pride get in the way of self reflection. Not only does this hurt the dog in their life, it hurts the people around them as well

  • Some owners let pride get in the way of following through on homework from a trainer because they feel the trainer should just fix the issue

These are just a few examples of our ego getting in the way of helping the dogs and living things around us. I am positive that parts of this article will make people feel uncomfortable, and I am okay with that. I am here for growth, not for comfort. I am here to encourage, not to judge.

My challenge for myself, and for you, is to identify areas where you know or feel your pride/ego is getting in the way of what you know you should be doing. Ask yourself whether the decisions you're making are truly what you should be doing or whether they are based off of pride. Awareness is the first step towards moving forward and changing poor habits.


Brianna Dick

Owner & Behaviorist

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