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Why is Dog Training So Important?

Updated: May 16, 2022

by Brianna Dick

Dog training can be a very complicated and confusing topic for owners in 2022. There's so many different methods, techniques, tools and everyone says their way is the right way. Some trainers say their way is the only way. I disagree. Dog training is so important because it teaches you how to communicate effectively with your dog, how to fulfill them in a fair way, and how to live with them peacefully so you both can live symbiotically.

Dog training is important because it shows that you actually care and love about the animal you've decided to get. It's truly not about teaching tricks or getting your dog to do what you want it's about loving them and having a relationship built off of mutual trust and respect.

#1 Teaches owners to communicate with their dog

What's a relationship without communication? Nothing. Imagine living in a world where you couldn't communicate with your loved ones they couldn't talk to you verbally. It would be isolating, stressful and anxiety inducing. That's what life is like for dogs who have owners who don't communicate effectively with them. The most loving thing an owner can do is figure out how to communicate with their dog so they can trouble shoot an behavioral issue that arises and address it fairly or, even better prevent any behavioral issues from beginning.

#2 Teaches how to fulfill your dog properly

Having your needs met is the most fulfilling feeling imaginable. Feeling content provides happiness and joy. When you fulfill your dog mentally and physically you avoid any unnecessary stress and expense for extensive behavior training. You avoid your dog biting other people and dogs, reacting to things, pulling you down the street or destroying your home. You avoid the most stressful part of owning an animal! When your dog is fulfilled they can give you what you want and need, a happy calm dog who listens and respects the household.

#3 Teaches you how to live with them peacefully and enjoy the best parts of your dog

#1 and #2 above solidify an beautiful dynamic between dog and owner. You communicate effectively and you fulfilled them. Now you have a dog you can enjoy and they enjoy you! Dogs who are trained get to be included in every aspect of your life. You get to take them to the park, vacation together, have a nice brunch outing with them hanging out under the table. You get to go on relaxed walks, have family and friends over or go on trips without worry your dog is going to be anxious or aggressive.

Dog training is the epitome of love for your dog and it's necessary to have a happy life with your pup.



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