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Why Your Walk isn't Improving

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

By Rachel Allen & Brianna Dick

Have you been through different training techniques, methods, used different tools, and have tried different variations to get your dog more in tune with you on the walk? Have you even worked with me before and still feel like your walk needs improvement?

If our energy is the biggest influence on our dogs behavior, consider how our energy compounded becomes our relationship with our dog. Meaning, each day, what habits, what energy is being practiced with our dog inside the house? Are we a person who follows through and stays consistent, or do we share soft and weak energy with our dog because we're too stressed, busy, or overwhelmed with our own life? Do we practice frustration, anxiety, nervousness, stress, over-excitement in our daily lives and believe our dogs don't feel that? What energy are you practicing on your way to work, at work, from work and when you get home? Are you only calm and confident when you've had a good day or when you feel you have the time?

I'm asking you to really stop for a second and consider what energy do you represent consistently? More often than not are you following through with yourself, your friends family and with your dog?

If you've done the classes, hired the professionals, got the tools- it's time to consider what the walk truly represents; your relationship with your dog. Your daily interactions with them becomes the relationship. Whether you reinforce a calm mind every time you let them out of the crate, put a leash on, feed them, how you give them affection, give them too much freedom or affection, whether you nurture their nervousness and anxiety, how you respond to them when they make a perceived mistake, if you have a relationship based on invitation versus expectation and so on.

How do you make your dog feel? If you make them feel like you are the consistent calm and assertive leader dogs require, then most, if not all, behavioral issues will be resolved. There are no ethical techniques or tools that will fix your relationship with your dog in order for them to be well behaved and obedient.

You hold the power to the calmest walks and I believe in you.

Brianna Dick

Owner & Behavior Expert

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